Values and sustainability

PASSION - We are a wildfire. Impossible to tame, relentless, but not destructive - except for things conventional or simply bad.

We are passionate creators who set the bar high when it comes to inspiration, safety, responsibility and quality - in everything what we do.


FREE SPIRIT - We are not fond of rules. If something has not been done before is when we wake up.

We are not here to do things a little bit differently but to truly follow our own path, explore and discover - and both engage and even surprise a like-minded audience.


RESPECT - We are competitive and determined to be successful. However, we do that with a big heart and good intentions.

We have the utmost respect towards both people and the planet - all things living and breathing, competition included.

About our responsibility and sustainable practices

In 2019 we started producing a yearly report that is a more in-depth look at our sustainability and responsibility efforts and goals. Links to our sustainability and responsibility reports can be found below:

We choose our material suppliers and production facilities based on Scandinavian references. The sustainable production facilities that are up to our high standards are located in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Portugal. Our main interests when choosing production facilities or suppliers is that we know their practices, the full supply chain and the treatment and working conditions of employees to ensure that we can fully stand behind them. Thanks to the facilities being located near our operations, we can easily co-operate and make visits to the factories.