Shipments and returns

Shipping costs and methods

Gugguu delivers the Products as soon as possible after receiving the order. This takes from 2 to 3 working days, but during high seasons it can take up to 10 working days. High seasons mean sales campaigns or the release dates of new collections. Some Products may have a longer delivery time, and in such cases, information is provided in the Product data. If the order includes products with different delivery times, the order is shipped in a single delivery after the entire order is ready to be shipped, unless Gugguu notifies an alternative.

Gugguu delivers to Finland via the Posti and Matkahuolto parcel services. Gugguu delivers outside Finland via the Postnord, EMS, DHL or GLS parcel services subject to the Customer’s choice and shipping method availability.

When ordering to Finland the Customer may choose between quick delivery to a pick-up point or home delivery, when the order is shipped on the next working day at the latest, and this applies during the high season as well. If quick delivery is chosen for a Product with a longer delivery time, it will be delivered within the time range of the given delivery time. Quick delivery surcharge is €7.00, which is added to the normal shipping cost (pick-up point €3.9, home delivery €7.00).

The cost of international shipping methods GLS and Postnord is €3.9, if the total price of the products ordered is below €120.00*Shipping costs for deliveries outside Finland via DHL are 15€ inside of Europe and 19,50€ outside of Europe. That is, when the total price of an order exceeds €120.00, shipping costs are not added to the price of the order for normal delivery, excluding delivery via DHL/EMS.

Shipping costs for orders to Finland delivered to Matkahuolto or Posti pick-up point are €3.9. When the total price of the Products ordered exceeds €120.00, the shipping costs are not debited to the Customer, if the Customer chooses delivery to a pick-up point. Home delivery and quick delivery, however, always cost €7.00 each, even though the total price of the order exceeds €120.00.

The Customer must take into account the retention times of parcels at pick-up points. If the parcel has not been collected within the retention time, it will be returned to Gugguu. Gugguu will charge €12.00 to the Customer per order for uncollected shipping, which covers the shipping costs and any other expenses that Gugguu incurs.

*If the total price of the Products ordered at the time of the order exceeds €120.00, and the Customer wants to return part of the order in such a way that the remaining value of the order is below €120.00, the shipping and return costs of €7.40 are deducted from the reimbursement paid to the Customer.

Cancellation rights

Purchases made from the eShop are distance selling in the context of consumer protection legislation. If the Customer wishes to exercise the right to cancel, a return notification must be made within 14 days of receiving the Products. You can make the return notification by email to Gugguu customer service ( The products that you wish to return must then be sent without undue delay to Gugguu, and within 14 days at the latest. The return notification can also be made by returning a return form that the Customer must send with the return shipment within 14 days after receiving the Products. Delivery instructions can be found here.

For health and safety reasons, cancellation rights do not apply to swimwear or bed sheets, once their seal has been broken.

When a Customer cancels an order placed in the eShop, and unless otherwise agreed, Gugguu will refund the payment made by using the payment method that the Customer used in the initial purchase transaction. Gugguu will refund the payment amount without undue delay after handling the customer return, that is 14 days after receiving the Products, at the latest. The refund does not cover additional costs incurred by a delivery method other than the least expensive and chosen by Gugguu. If only part of the order is returned, the shipping costs are not refunded. The Customer is responsible for any damage to the product, and Gugguu has the right to deduct the amount from the reimbursement, that covers the damage to the Product compared to the Product’s original value. If the Product has become unsellable because it has been used, the Customer is responsible for its entire value, and the cost of return, if the Customer wants to return the Product.

The Customer has the obligation to handle and pack the Product with care, in order to avoid damage during transit.  The Customer must attach information about the returned Products with the return. The parcel for delivery must be taken to a Matkahuolto or Posti service point, and the Customer must obtain a return receipt. The shipment cannot be dropped at a mailbox for delivery.

Return shipment is free for the Customer, when the Customer uses the Gugguu contract number on the return and when the return is shipped from inside of EU. Gugguu charges a return fee for the processing of returns. The fee is 3,5€ when the return comes from Finland and 7,5€ outside of Finland. The return fee is deducted from the amount that is refunded to the Customer.

Returns from outside Finland

In your package you'll find a return slip. Please read the instructions and fill out the form. If you need help with the form, you can contact us at

Returns with Postnord: If you chose Postnord as you delivery method, you will have received a return label inside your package. The return label has the word RETURN on it in the middle right of the label. Please package the item you will be returning including the filled return slip so, that the returnable items are safely contained. Add the return label sticker on the package and take it to your nearest Postnord or DPD drop-off location. In in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, find your nearest Postnord drop-off location here. In other countries find your nearest DPD Drop-off location with your zip-code in here. Remember check the box titled Return-capable Pickup points only.

With Postnord as your shipping method, you've also received a DPD Retoure Label. If you want, you can take this label with you to the DPD drop-off location and you'll receive a stamp on it marking the time and location of your drop off. This is helpful if a package goes missing to help track it. However, this is not mandatory.

Other shipping methods:

The Customer must contact Gugguu customer service ( Gugguu arranges the return via DHL or GLS in such a way that the Customer does not need to pay for the return shipment before shipping. Return cost of 7,5€ is deducted from the refund.

Returns from outside EU

The Customer must contact Gugguu customer service ( Gugguu arranges the return via DHL or GLS. The customer is responsible for the return shipment costs.

Returns within Finland

Returns via Posti:

The Customer needs to visit: and enter the parcel tracking code received from Gugguu to receive the Helposti-code. The Helposti-code from the Posti website must be written on the parcel along with the sender’s and recipient’s name and address. The Customer can drop off the parcel to either an automat or Posti office.

Gugguu address:

Gugguu Oy

Muuraintie 5 A 1

33960 Pirkkala

Alternatively, the Customer can write the Gugguu address and the contract number on the parcel: 637561.

Returns via Matkahuolto:

The Customer must write the following on the parcel, and leave it at a Matkahuolto service point.

Customer return /Gugguu Oy

Contract number 9521736

Muuraintie 5 A 1

33960 Pirkkala