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Gugguu’s Story

Gugguu was born as a solution to a problem that two sisters faced in their daily lives: finding durable and good looking clothes for their children. Both sisters had three kids, who frequently needed new clothes because their old ones were too worn out or the children grew out of them. The two sisters were hard-pressed to find designs they liked, and if they happened to find one, the quality wasn’t great or the sizing was wrong. Both sisters had a keen eye for design that they had developed at the colorful environment of their parents’ flower shop and so they were fairly demanding when it came to finding the right kind of design. Unable to find suitable clothing for their children, the sisters started to make jokes about establishing their own brand of children’s fashion. 

Enthusiasm for children’s wear was growing almost as fast as the sisters’ children, yet the same problems were faced by many parents trying to find clothes for their children. Sensing an opportunity, the older sister, who was more entrepreneurially minded, started to seriously consider turning the jokes into a reality and starting a company. 

Both sisters were still studying at university but instead of taking notes during the lectures, the older sister started to slowly make drafts for her own collection. After a while her first booklet was getting full and her first collection had been designed. It was very Nordic in design, with every detail and cut carefully planned to ensure good quality. The resulting collection was timeless and colorful and most importantly, the design pleased both the sisters’ eyes. 

The company was founded in the spring of 2012, and soon the sisters started ruthlessly hunting for the best fabrics and factories available. Their requirements and values were precise, so durability alone wasn’t enough. The clothes had to be eco-friendly, comfortable, and ethically produced. After hundreds of samples and tests, they were able to find their fabric suppliers from Finland and Estonia. In the same countries they found factories that supported their values. 

The Name

Finding the name took a long time. The founders considered weird name combinations and kept changing the name. The breakthrough came one February night, after months of struggling, when the following happened: The youngest son of one of the sisters was taking his first steps, and came wobbling around a corner. He started to play peekaboo with his mother and said: 


That one word was a stroke of genius and so the brand finally had its name. It came from the first words of a one-year-old boy, his broad smile and wobbling steps, and from a game of peekaboo that every child has played. In the Finnish version of the game, when the person hiding their face behind their hands reveals it to the child, they say “Gugguu” or something similar.

In 2013, when the problem of the name had been solved, the jokes finally became a reality and the first collection was launched. The clothes weren’t only favored by children but also by parents, and that popularity is why Gugguu has been able to come out with a new collection and new products every spring and autumn. 

Our concept

We produce simplistic, high quality and well manufactured children’s clothing. The collection includes sizes from 80-152cm. Some clothes in the collection also include baby sizes 62-74cm. We develop and widen our collection continuously, never compromising on quality.

Our relationship with our customers is very important to us, and we take it seriously. We want to cater to the needs of the most demanding of customers and we want to involve them in the development of our future collections. We believe that giving feedback should be made easy. 

Gugguu wants to take part in creating new trends in kids’ fashion together with consumers. Currently Gugguu launches two collections per year: a spring/summer collection that comes out in the beginning of the year and a fall/winter collection that comes out at the end of the summer. Occasionally there are also smaller collections that are launched throughout the year. 

We started with the Finnish market but now we sell our products all over the world, with retailers in countries like Australia, USA, Germany, and China. You can find a list of retailers here. Our retailers range from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to webshops. 


The fabrics we use are high quality and made of ecological cotton, cotton, and blended cotton, perfect for stylish kids all around the world. Our materials are carefully selected and tested to the last detail to make sure they are safe for kids to use. Everything from buttons to fabrics to the actual pieces of clothing is made in Europe. Ecological and ethical production is very important to us and we stand proudly by our values and our actions. 

The materials we use for Gugguu clothes have the Oeko-Tex 100 standard, which means they are safe to use. Oeko-Tex standard guarantees that the certified products don’t have any ingredients that could be harmful to a child. Oeko-Tex ensures quality for consumers and it means the product is ecological.

The ecocotton fabrics we use have the “Global Organic Textile Standard” (GOTS). GOTS is a broad certificate which ensures that the fabrics are ecological and ethical. The standard ensures that the fabrics are made of at least 95% ecological material and that the production is responsible.

The merino wool we use comes from New Zealand and it is sheared in Germany. Our merino wool is sheared ethically and is mulesing-free.

Size chart

Our collection includes sizes for kids aged 0-12 years: 

62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146 and 152cm.

Our size chart is made based on the Finnish FINATEX-sizing chart for children. Please note that each product is measured according to the style of the piece of clothing. The individual sizes of each product can be found in the SHOP part of our website.


We stand proudly behind our products.

We have chosen our fabric and sewing contractors through our Scandinavian references. In our search we ordered samples of different fabrics from several producers and tested them carefully. Finally we found a producer in Estonia, who fulfilled our criteria and proved to be a reliable partner in producing high-quality products.

The proximity of the producer gives us the possibility for close cooperation. We have been to the fabrics and sewing factories to check that they match our standards. We got to see how exactly the fabrics are made starting with the combination of threads to make the fabric, to the dying of colors and quality control. The fabric factory has been granted several certificates of quality which are described in the materials part of this page. 

In the sewing factory we saw the complexity of the whole sewing process; from designing, making patterns, sewing, quality control, all the way to packaging. In both factories the wellbeing of the employees is a priority and ergonomics play a big role. The employees have clear and regular work hours, and the work conditions are excellent.

We are actively in contact with our subcontractors so that we always know what’s going on with them and can keep on producing quality clothes that are safe for children to use.

Our customers are important to us, which is why we want to offer the best possible quality to them. We are always testing and developing our products to make sure we can keep up with our customers’ demands and requests. We consider our customers’ feedback carefully and take it into account to offer the best possible products for them.