1. What is Gugguu? 

Gugguu is a children's fashion brand from Finland. We produce high quality, sustainable clothes for kids from age 0 to 12. We have also created a Mini Me Collection that has matching outfit for the whole family. Read our story here.

2. When was Gugguu founded?

Gugguu was founded in 2012 and we started our online store on 2013. 

3. What are your practices on sustainability and ethical practices?

Sustainability and ethical matter have been important to us from the very beginning. We pride ourselves on producing high quality products that can be reused from child to child, sibling to sibling, with the clothes still feeling and looking great. Our clothes are designed to fit a child for a longer period - this is ensured with easily tightened waist bands and longer sleeves and pant legs that can be rolled. 

We choose our materials with care and we're always looking for the most sustainable materials that have the quality that we demand. Our tracksuits are a great example of this, the fabric being 100% recycled material. 

Our products are sweatshop free and they are produced in strictly chosen factories in the EU. We keep constant contact with our factories and we know the employees. 

4. Who is behind Gugguu?

Two sisters, Miia and Anne who are both mothers and who's needs and wishes for the clothes for their children inspired Gugguu. In 2018 Gugguu an investor company joined the Gugguu team, alongside Minttu Räikkönen, who works in design as well as having a minor shareholder. Gugguu operates from Finland in two cities, Oulu and Pirkkala. We have around 20 employees working on everything from product design, sourcing, warehousing, store fronts and online store.

5. Do you have a store location?

We have an outlet store location in Helsinki Outlet Village, at Tatti 17, Helsinki. 

6. Can I shop Gugguu in my country?

You can always order online - we ship internationally! You can also check out our full list of retailers in here to see how to find Gugguu in your country. 

7. Do the products have a warranty?

Our products have a 2 year warranty that covers faulty products. We prioritize fixing a product if it's possible - this way the product can be returned to use. If fixing is not possible, the product will be reclaimed.

8. How do I contact customer service? 

You can contact our customer service via email customer@gugguu.com or by phone 0444101736.


1. Where do you ship from?

Our products are shipped from our warehouse in Pirkkala, Finland. 

2. Where is Gugguu located?

Our offices are located in Oulu and Pirkkala in Finland. 

3. Why are the prices in Euros instead of my currency?

Being located in Finland, our currency is Euro. If you're wondering what a specific product costs in your specific currency, you can use this tool to see the current rate. 

4. What payment methods can I pay with?

We offer credit-and debit card payments, online bank payments, Apple Pay, PayPal and Klarna invoices and part payments. Card payments and online bank payments are processed safely with Stripe. 

5. How long does it take to receive my order?

We usually handle orders in max 3 work days - at high season and campaigns the time can be up to 10 work days. It depends on your location how long it takes the carrier company to delivery your order after we have handled this. 

6. How much does the shipping cost?

The international shipping is 7€ and shipping to Finland is 3,5€. You get free shipping if your purchase exceeds 120€. 

7. Where do you ship?

We ship world-wide. 

8. What size should I get?

We post a size chart with our headwear to help you pick the right size. In clothes we recommend choosing the size based on the height of the child, like the size has been labelled in the product. If you're not familiar with the metric system, 1 inch is á 2,5 cm. You can translate centimeters to inches in here. 

If you're thinking between two sizes, we recommend to take the bigger size - it will fit longer!

9. Can my order be gift wrapped? 

We do not currently offer gift wrapping. 


1. Are payments safe?

Payments are always safe. Our Payments are processed through trusted payment providers, like PayPal, Stripe and Klarna. 

2. What methods of payment do you offer?

We offer credit-and debit card payments, online bank payments, Apple Pay, PayPal and Klarna invoices and part payments.

3. How do I use my gift card or my promo code/discount code?

Your gift card/promo code is a code of number and letters. Copy the code and paste it at check out before payment. 

On desktop:

How to use a gift card?

On mobile:

Click the V mark next to the text Show order summary.

Paste or write the code to the section that says Gift card or discount code.

4. Why is my promo code not working? 

First make sure you have spelled the code correctly. We always recommend copy-pasting it to make sure it's correct. Make sure there is no space after the code. 

Make sure to use the code before it expires. Most of our promo codes are not valid forever. 

If you are unsure if your code is still valid, contact our customer service and we'll look it up for you! 

Usually our codes are valid for normal prices items. This means you cannot use promo codes if your cart has only discounted products. 

If the code is written correctly, still valid and you're purchasing normal priced items and your code is still not working, please contact our customer support. 


1. How much does shipping cost?

The international shipping is 7€ and shipping to Finland and EU is 3,5€. You get free shipping if your purchase exceeds 120€.

2. How long is the shipping time?

We usually handle orders in max 3 work days - at high season and campaigns the time can be up to 10 work days. It depends on your location how long it takes the carrier company to delivery your order after we have handled this.

3. I misspelled something on my order information

Please contact us as quick as possible to let us know - we recommend calling us at +358444101736.

4. When will my order ship out?

It takes usually 1-3 work days after you made your order for it to ship out. During high season and campaigns the time can be up to 10 work days, but we are doing our best to make sure you get your order as quickly as possible! 



1. Did my order come through?

Did you receive an order confirmation email? If you did, yes, it came through! 

If you didn't, we recommend checking out your spam folders first. If you still can't find it, please contact our customer service. Sometimes e-mails just don't come through or Sometimes there is a problem at the payment providers site and an order doesn't come through. Our customer support will look at the situation and help you. 

2. Where is my package?

When we have handled your order and it ships out, you will get an shipping confirmation email. This email has your tracking code. This is where you find the latest movements of your package. 

Remember, that it takes a while for the tracking code to activate at the carrier's end. Usually the tracking code is active 4-16 hours after you receive your shipping confirmation message. 

3. How do I cancel my order?

By contacting our customer service. If you want to cancel your order, please contact us as quickly as possible to ensure your order gets cancelled before it is sent out to you.

Contact information: customer@gugguu.com or by phone +358444101736

4. Can I add/remove/change a product on my order?

If you haven't received a shipping confirmation email yet, we should be able to alter your order. You can call us or contact us through email as soon as possible and our customer service will help you. 

5. Can I combine multiple orders into one shipment?

Unfortunately this is not possible at this time. 

6. Can I make an order through a phone call or an email?

Sure! You can email us the products you want to purchase and our customer service will send you a payment link through email. 

7. I would like to purchase products for re-sale.

Please contact us at customer@gugguu.com with your company information and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


1. How do I make a return?

You can make a return in 14 days after receiving the order. If you are located in Finland, fill out the return slip in your package. Package the items you are returning and add the return slip in the package. In the return slip you’ll find our return address - write this on top of the package and take it to your nearest Posti/Matkahuolto location based on the original shipping method.

If you are located outside of Finland, your return guide depends on your original shipping method. You can find the directions in here. Please contact our customer service at customer@gugguu.com and we’ll organize a pick up for the products. Our detailed return policy can be found here.

2. Can I make an exchange?

Unfortunately not at this time. We advise you to make a return and a new order for the item you want.

3. How long does it take to get refunded?

We refund all returns in maximum of 14 days since receiving them at our warehouse. You are noted when a refund is made. Refunds are made to your original payment method and it might take a few bank days to receive the refund. 

4. How do I claim a product?

We are sorry if our product did not meet your standards. Our customer service is happy to guide you through a claim process. To start the process, please take pictures of the product that shows the faults as clearly as possible and send the pictures and a detailed description of the issue to us through email at customer@gugguu.com. We will get back to you through email or call you if more information is needed.

5. My package has the wrong item in it.

We are sorry for our mistake. Get in contact with us through email at customer@gugguu.com or by phone +358444101736 and we’ll organize a return for the wrong item and send the correct one your way.

6. The product I received is damaged.

We are very sorry! Please contact our customer service, we’ll organize an exchange so you’ll get a new, perfect item. If at this point the product you received is out of stock, we’ll refund you. Get in contact through email at customer@gugguu.com or by phone +358444101736.

7. Does my return need to be in the original packaging?

Absolutely not. You can send the product back in any package you like, as long as it protects the products well.