Gugguu is a Finnish premium children's fashion brand. We produce and sell high quality, ecological children's wear made in the EU. Our collection includes sizes for children aged 0 to 15, in sizes 50-170 cm. Gugguu was founded in 2012 and we opened our first online store in May 2013.

Gugguu was founded by Miia Riekki and after a few months, Miia's sister Anne Valli joined in. They're the main owners of Gugguu to this day. In 2018 we welcomed a finnish capital investment company and Minttu Räikkönen to our shareholders. Minttu Räikkönen works with our design team.

Gugguu has around 20 employees, working in many different parts of the company, including administration, design, sourcing, warehousing, online store and our brick and mortar store.

Our web store has the widest selection of our products and we ship worldwide. You can also shop our products in our outlet store in Helsinki Outlet Village and we hold pop-ups every once in a while. For a full list of our retailers, click here.

Our customer service is open from 10 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday Finnish time.

Gugguu Oy
Muuraintie 5 A 1
33960 Pirkkala, Finland

Phone: +358 44 410 1736
E-mail: customer@gugguu.com

You can also contact us by filling out this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please contact us at customer@gugguu.com with your company details and we'll get back to you shortly!


Sustainability, ecological matters and ethical issues are an important part of Gugguu's core, and they have been from the very beginning. We create products that truly last from child to child, so that the product has a long lifecycle. We build our products to take children's growth into account, meaning that our products have a bit longer sleeves and pantlegs, so that they can first be rolled and as the child grows, they're the perfect length. We also utilize adjustable waists and ribbons in our products.

We choose our materials with strict criteria and we keep sourcing new, sustainable materials that fit our quality standards. One example of this is our tracksuit fabric that we launched in 2019. It's made with 100% recycled materials, including plastic bottles. In the 2020 Mini Me collection we replaced our original polyester material used in our wrap dresses and wrap skirts with a fabric made with 100% recycled polyester. We've also increased the use of organic cotton to almost 30% in all of our products, of which you can read more here. All of our fabrics have the Oeko-tex 100 standard  and the organic cotton we use has the GOTS - standard.

Our products are made in strictly chosen facilities in the EU. We are in close contact with the factories and visit them regularly.

It's important for us to create products that are so high quality that they can be worn by child after child. This increases the lifecycle of the product making it more sustainable. We recommend our customers to recycle our products by sharing them between siblings, cousins and friends. In Finland, we work with online second hand-store Emmywhere you can sell our products. When you choose a Gugguu gift card as a means to get paid for the products sold, you'll get 10% extra to your gift card. There's multiple Finnish Facebook groups in the kids' fashion genre, where you can sell your old Gugguu products.

PASSION - We are a wildfire. Impossible to tame, relentless, but not destructive - except for things conventional or simply bad.

We are passionate creators who set the bar high when it comes to inspiration, safety, responsibility and quality - in everything what we do.

FREE SPIRIT - We are not fond of rules. If something has not been done before is when we wake up.

We are not here to do things a little bit differently but to truly follow our own path, explore and discover - and both engage and even surprise a like-minded audience.

RESPECT - We are competitive and determined to be successful. However, we do that with a big heart and good intentions.

We have the utmost respect towards both people and the planet - all things living and breathing, competition included.

Read our responsibility report published in 2020 here.


Our clothes are fitted and long, with long sleeves and pant legs. The pant legs and sleeves can be turned so that the garment fits the child a bit longer. In many of our jersey pants and other bottoms we have added an adjustable waistband or cords to make the waist tighter if needed.

We recommend choosing the size based on how tall the child is. Our sizes are presented in centimeters, so size 104 is perfect for a child who's 104 centimeters tall. If you child is between two sizes, we recommend to take the larger. If you use inches and feet, please use a converter such as this one.

For hats and beanies we create a size chart every year. This chart can be found on the product pages.

Our products have a two year warranty that covers all defected products. We always aim to fix issues in products to give the product a good life, but it it's not fixable we will discuss with you personally on how to solve the issue. If you need to contact us about warranty, please email us at customer@gugguu.com.

Online store

Unofortunately no. The products are only reserved to you after the payment.

If we get new shipment of products, we always inform our customers on our Facebook and Instagram pages - remember to give us a follow!

Discount codes and gift cards are a combination of letters and numbers. Please check the code and write it in carefully, capital letters and small letters too. In this video you'll see how to use your code on a mobile device. 



Discount codes and gift cards are a combination of letters and numbers. Please check the code and write it in carefully, capital letters and small letters too. In this video you'll see how to use your code on desktop. 



First, check that it's spelled correctly. We always recommending copy-pasting the code so it's correctly spelled. Make sure that there aren't any excess spacings before or after the code.

Remember to use the code on time. Most of the discount codes expire in a few weeks. Gift cards expire after two years of purchase.

If you're not sure if a code is still valid or not, you can contact us at customer@gugguu.com and we'll check it for you!

Most codes are valid for normal prices items only. Gift cards can be used with normal prices items and discounted items.

If the code is spelled correctly, still valid and you know it should work with the products you're trying to purchase, please contact our customer service and we'll help you!

If you're ordering a gift or an order to another address than your own, you can add the address the order should be shipped to in your order. Remember that the information about the order will be sent to the phone number and email address in the order.

All of our orders are handled and shipped from our warehouse in Pirkkala, Finland.


Did you receive an order confirmation to your email? If you did - then your order came through!

If you didn't receive an order confirmation, check your spam folder. If you still can't find the confirmation, you should contact us at customer@gugguu.com. In some cases there might be issues on the email server or payment providers side.

In these cases our customer service will check the situation and act accordingly.

Usually we are able to handle your order in 1-3 business days but during launches and campaigns it might take a bit longer, at max 10 business days.

When your order has been processed and handles, you will receive a shipping confirmation to your email. You'll find your possible tracking code in this message. By clicking the tracking code you will be able to follow where your order is.

Please keep in mind that it usually takes 4-16 hours for the tracking code to activate, so if it doesn't show the whereabouts of the package right away, don't worry - it just takes a bit of time.

Please contact us quickly - we recommend calling us at +358444101736.

You can cancel your order by contacting our customer service. We recommend contacting us as quickly as possible, so we don't process your order and ship it before cancellation.

You can contact us via email at customer@gugguu.com and by phone +358444101736.

If you haven't received a shipping confirmation, then your order will likely be able to be edited by adding or removing products. Call us at +358444101736 and we'll help you!

Unfortunately we are not able to combine orders at this time.

Sure! You can inform us on the products you'd like to purchase by email at customer@gugguu.com or by phone +358444101736 and our customer service will create you an order and send you a payment link to your email.

If you chose a shipping method with a pick up, you should receive a notification telling you to pick up the package. Remember to check that your phone number is correctly spelled in your order. If there are issues, please contact us at customer@gugguu.com.

Unfortunately we don't offer gift wrapping at the moment.


Shipping to EU is 3,9 and free for orders over 120€.

Outside of EU the shipping is 19,5€.

You can also find more shipping methods at the checkout, like home deliveries, that are more expensive.


We charge 3,5€ for a return.

We have a return handling policy of 14 business days from when the return arrives at our warehouse. You will be notified by email when the return has been processed. The return will be conducted on the payment method you use and it might take a few days to show.

Nope! Just ship the return products well protected.

Yes. Pre-order items have a regular 14 day return time.

Yes! The same return policies apply to both normal priced items and discounted items - meaning that as long as the products are not used and in the condition you received them in, you have 14 days to return the products.

We are sorry for our mistake! Please contact us via email customer@gugguu.com or phone +358444101736 and we'll organize a return for the wrong items and send you the correct products!

We're sorry! Please contact us and we'll fix this for you. You can email us at customer@gugguu.com or call us at +358444101736.

In your original order you haven't been charged shipping costs since your order has been over 120€. If the sum is lower than 120€ after the returned items have been deducted, we will charge the 3,9€ for shipping that would've been charged at the checkout if the order sum had been lower than 120€. We also charge 3,5€ for returns. This makes it 7,4€ total.


Unfortunately we don't offer exchanges. If you want to return an item and receive another item, we advise you to make a regular return and a new order for the product you want instead.

The same return policy is applied to discounted items than normal priced items. This means that discounted items have 14 days return time.

Unfortunately we don't offer exchanges. If you want to return an item and receive another item, we advise you to make a regular return and a new order for the product you want instead.


First off: We're truly sorry that our products didn't add up to the expectations! Our customer service will help you to make a claim. To start the process, please take good photos showing the issues and send the photos along with a detailed description of the issue to our customer service email customer@gugguu.com. We'll get back to you as soon as possible via email or if needed, phone. When sending the product back to us to inspect, please wash it first if it has been used.

We have a warranty time of 2 years since the product has been purchased. We aspire to fix claimed products, but if the claiming reason doesn't allow fixing, we'll come up with another solution with you.


Yes, payments are secure. They're conducted via well known third party payment providers, such as PayPal, Stripe, Klarna and Mollie.

We offer a wide selection of payment methods, such as PayPal, Klarna, debit cards, credit cards, Giropay, Bancontact, SOFORT and iDeal.

If you make a purchace outside of EU, you need to pay VAT:s and customs.

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