Gugguu x RMCH

Healing Hands

All over the world children get sick and need critical medical care, often far away from home. When a child gets sick, the family faces a new and scary situation where the whole life of the family gets turned around completely and stress levels can rise high. The situation is often frightful and traveling between home and hospitals can be tiresome.

To support families facing these situations we collaborated with the Ronald McDonald House Charity Program. We designed a joint collection including two beautiful prints in four products. The proceedings of this collection will be fully donated to the Finnish Ronald McDonald House Charity Program.

Gugguu x RMCH

Hand Flow

In this delicate floral print you can find the plants and flowers that surroud the Finnish RMCH house. The hands have been photographed in a childrens' hospital and they belong to a little patient.

Gugguu x RMCH

Doggy Hug

In the middle of sorrow and worry, a pet is often a big comfort. Fluffy little puppies bring joy to the small body, even if the body is tired from the illness, giving energy to get better. In the other hand the family can find comfort in a family pet too. This is the inspiration behind the second print of the collection, Doggy Hug.

Gugguu x RMCH
Joint collection

Ronald McDonald House Charity Program was started at the USA and the first house was opened in 1974. In Finland the foundation was first launched in 1996 and the first patients and their families moved in in 2002. After that RMHC has housed over 9000 families in Finland, some of them staying just a few days and some longer, up to a year. The house is a big support to the families of sick children, like little patients with heart conditions, organ transplants or harsh cancer treatments.

Some of the images used in the prints have come from around the Finnish RMHC houses and from the patients of a children's hospital. The delicate hands belong to a little patient and the flowers are those growing around the houses.

Miia Riekki
From our CEO

Charity work is a part of Gugguu through different kinds of collaborations and donations. The Ronald McDonald House Charity Program is an important partner to us - like they, we too exist for the children. Every family faces health problems at some point and we are taken back by the opportunity to support families that face severe sickness and drastic changes in their lives. In these situations there is nothing more important than to be able to stay close to the sick child, and we want to thank RMHC for making that possible for so many families in need. ❤