Merino wool accessories - extra batch

On Tuesday 22nd of September at 6 am GMT we'll be launching a whole new collection of merino wool accessories in the Lapland Collection- colors. At the same time a new batch of the previous colors (Rock- and Classic Collection) merino wool accessories will be available. All of the accessories can be found here.

The Lapland Collection products will be under their own parent product in the category page. Classic- and Rock Collections new batch will be added on stock on the previous parent products. These too will be available in the category page.

Before the extra batch of previous colors (Classic- and Rock Collection) are available, they will be hidden. They will be published among the Lapland Collection at 6 am GMT.

Remember that the cart in our online store does not hold the products for you before you have gone through checkout.

Lapland Collection merino accessories are delivered in 1-12 days.

Classic-and Rock Collection merino accessories are delivered in 1-7 weeks.

If your order includes other items, they will be shipped along your accessories.