Staying safe from the sun - UV swimwear for children

Summer is here and we're enjoying warm weather even in the north! The bravest of us have already dipped in the lakes and tiny kiddie pools have appeared in the backyards. It means it's time to find the perfect swimsuit

Tyttöjen uv-uimapuku pitkillä hihoilla

When the sun is warming up the minds and the bodies and gives us energy to carry on with our days, you still have to keep sun safety in mind. Both children and adults need to be protected from the sun, even on the cloudy days or cooler: the UV rays are still doing their damage, not minding the temperature or the grayness of the day. The skin on kids' and adults is a bit different and keeping the kids' protected is essential. UV-damage tends to build up from year to year, so minimizing the exposure as a child has a positive effect for years to come. Children's skin is also less developed, so the protective mechanisms are not ready for full sun exposure.  

Lasten UV uimapuvut pitkillä hihoilla

There are many ways to protect the skin from sun damage and there are some ways that work better than others. Considering the UV-levels are the highest around 11 am to 3 pm, it's best to ether stay indoors or in shaded areas - remember to protect the skin even in the shade! The easiest way to keep the kids' protected is clothing, of which some loose cotton or cotton blends tend to be the best options. Keeping the head and the face covered with a brimmed hat or a cap is also important. At the beach or the pool a UV protective swimming suit is the best choice! 

Lasten UV suojaava uikkari

Wheter you are spending some family beach time or the kids are enjoying in a pool, the amount of sun exposure is vast and often swimwear tends to be the only clothing item. The skin should be properly protected with a suncream. For a baby a set of covering clothes and being in the shade is the best option, but for older kids there are a lot of great solutions. When choosing a suncream that will be used on kids', look for "made for children" tags that ensure safer formulas. The higher the SPF is the better, and you want to make sure that the cream has both UVA-and UVB protection. Remember to add the cream on the skin around 30 minutes before going outside and keep adding every few hours - suncreams are not protective for ever and often it gets ether diluted by swimming, we sweat it out or rub it on towels. A good amount of suncream on a child is 20-30 ml or 7-10 fluid ounces.  

To minimize the need for suncream, choose a UV protective swimsuit for the kids. Long sleeves and a lot of fabric is always the easiest option, covering as much as possible.

All of our Gugguu swimsuits have an SPF 50. The protection is based on the denseness of the fabric, not a chemical process. In the spring 2020 we brought out new designs of the swimsuits: UV Swimsuit and UV Swimsuitdress. Both of the designs come with the option to choose from fresh colors or fun prints. Both of the swimsuits cover a lot of ground: long sleeves cover the arms, the back and the tummy are protected and in the UV Swimsuit you can find pantlegs up to the kenees. 

Why choose a UV-protective swimsuit? Kids' don't often love suncream, so when you have a protective swimsuit that covers a lot of skin, you have to apply less cream.The suit already covers up the areas that burn the easiest, like the shoulders, so you can put your mind at rest!

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