Material Moment: Merino wool

In this blog post we tell you a bit more of one of our staple materials: merino wool. The merino wool Gugguu uses comes from New Zealand and it is sheared in Germany and it’s completely mulesing-free.

Gugguu Merino wool accessories. Merino wool winter beanies and scarfs for children.

In this article you will find information on merino wool, such as:

  • What is merino wool?
  • What makes merino wool special?
  • How to take care of merino wool products?

    What is merino wool?

    Merino wool is a specific wool from Merino sheep, grown especially in Australia and New Zealand. Merino sheep are highly valued - the wool has been highly appreciated for centuries and for a good reason. 

    Gugguu merino wool beanies, scarfs and mittens for children. Warm winter accessories for kids.

    What makes merino wool special?

    Merino wool fibres are exceptionally fine and soft - the fibers are longer and thinner compared to traditional wool from sheep. The fibers are great for kids - merino wool is often more tolerated with people who find other types of wool, such as traditional wool and mohair, itchy. It feels more like cotton, but it contains the great features of wool.

    Gugguu ecological and ethically produced merino wool accessories for kids. Merino wool beanies, merino wool scarfs and merino wool mittens.

    Merino wool is a great material for the winter conditions: the little air pockets in the wool hold on to air and keep you warm. If you sweat, the heat is absorbed an let go by the merino wool, so the fabric breathes. This ensures that if you sweat or get wet in a cold environment, you still keep warm!

    Merino wool also includes antimicrobial properties, thanks to the keratin and lanolin found in the wool. This combined with the breathability of the material makes sure that your clothes and accessories made of merino wool stay smelling fresh even if you sweat in them.

    Sustainable merino wool accessories, like beanies, baby bonnets, scarfs and mittens for kids.

    How to take care of merino wool products?

    Merino wool should be conditioned with love - so no harsh chemicals and rough procedures are advised.

    How to take care of merino wool? Merino wool accessories for kids.

    Taking care merino wool is easy, just keep in mind these few rules!

    1. No washing machine. We advise to not use a washing machine when washing Gugguu merino wool products, but instead to wash them by hand. You should use lukewarm water because hot water might shrink wool products. Don’t soak for a long time.
    2. Detergents. Do not use fabric softeners or products containing bleaching ingredients. These ingredients affect the fibers negatively and take away some of the great benefits of merino wool. Do use a mild detergent. 
    3. Do not dumble dry. Prefer air drying, away from direct sunlight and heat.
    4. Reshape products while damp.
    5. Iron on low if needed.

    With these simple rules you can have your merino wool products stay looking and feeling beautiful for years, enjoying all the great benefits of using merino wool!