Gugguu's success in the Rank a Brand report!

On Tuesday 22nd of September Eettisen kaupan puolesta RY (Eetti Ry) published their 2020 edition of their yearly Rank a Brand report of Finnish fashion brands. The report evaluates Finnish fashion brands on their sustainability and transparency and it's based on the NGO Rank a Brand. In this blog post we'll be talking about the report and our ranking in the report.

Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry (Eetti) is an NGO. Their goal is to promote sustainable and ethical global trade and production and to make sustainable consumption easier. Along with the yearly Rank a Brand report, Eetti researches and reports the responsibility practices- and communication of many industries, trains companies and individuals on sustainability matters and opens up important topics to consumers - from the importance of financing decisions to consumer habits all the way to industry specific issues. 

In the 2020 Rank a Brand report Eetti evaluated 35 Finnish fashion brands on their climate-,environment- and human rights work and the brands transparency on these matters. The brands were divided into five categories (A-E) based on a point system. The top two categories had 15 companies, which was 42% from all the brands in the report. Brändit on jaoteltu viiteen kategoriaan (A-E) niiden saamien pisteiden mukaan. The minimum points to the top 2 categories was 19 points and the maximum was 34 points. Last year only one brand reached the B category and none got ranked in the category A. 

Gugguu children's fashion Rank a Brand

This year Gugguu reached the second best category, level B.

We make decisions based on responsibility and sustainability every day at Gugguu. They have been one of the supporting values of our brand from day one - it's a no brainer for us that the materials we choose, the way we run our production and everything that has to do with running a brand, is based on responsible decisions for the planet and everyone living on it. We ensure this by ensuring that we choose materials that are not only eco-friendly but also durable to make sure that the lifecycle of the product is as long as possible, by sourcing new and innovative materials and by making sure that all human rights and fairness actualize in all of our departments. 

We are extremely happy with our ranking in this years report. During the year 2019 we focused on developing our reporting and transparency so we could offer our customers and other stakeholders in-depth knowledge on our responsibility and sustainability actions. With this development, our Responsibility report 2019 was created. In the report you can find detailed information of our production, sourcing and other factors along with goals and steps that we're taking to become an even more responsible and sustainable company. You can read the report in here. We also published our Code of Conduct, which you can read (in Finnish) here.

The discussion on the topics of responsibility and sustainability is extremely important. It's crucial to have third party organizations that research and report on these matters so that consumers have factual information that they can use in their purchasing decisions. We're thankful for Eetti Ry for the important work they do and we will continue to develop Gugguu into even more climate friendly, sustainable and ethical company day by day.

We appreciate our customers knowledge on sustainability and responsibility and them wanting to make better purchasing decisions based on these topics. We will keep holding onto our values of sustainability and transparency as founding blocks of Gugguu. 

Read the Gugguu Resposibility report 2019 here.

The Eetti Rank a Brand report in Finnish can be found here.