Registeration Information


In this document we tell you why we process personal information and what rights you have regarding the processing of your personal data.


1. Register holder:


Gugguu Oy

Business ID: 2508855-5

Rantakatu 3, 90100 Oulu


Tel: +358 44-4101736


2. Representative of the register holder:


Anne Valli


3. The purpose of processing personal information


The processing of personal data is based on the legitimate benefit to the register holder, a contractual relation and/or the compliance of the register holder with the law. The processing of personal data can also be based on the consent of the subject which is then legal justification for the processing as applicable. The legitimate benefit to the register holder is to engage in reasonable, legitimate and legal sales and marketing activities, including any related profiling.


Personal data is processed within legal limits for managing and developing customer relationships. The purchase and transaction information handled in the register may also be used and be analysed to profile the customer and to target offers, benefits, marketing operations and customer communications in matters of interest to the customer. Personal data is also processed for sending a newsletter and other customer communications, while participating in competitions and raffles or when participating in other marketing operations and in operations associated with placing orders, invoicing and debt collection. Gugguu Oy social media pages such Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube are public and the registers formed from these pages include information the subject has published him/herself, for example name, reviews, likings, sharing and comments. Gugguu Oy is not in any way responsible for the personal information of a user registered on social media or for protecting such information.


3. Information content of the register


The register may contain the following personal information of a customer:


-       Customer’s first and last name

-       Address

-       Delivery address

-       Phone number

-       E-mail address

-       Company

-       Information on marketing approvals and prohibitions

-       Information on purchases and transactions

-       Language

-       Information associated with internet activity on the Gugguu website

-       Purchasing history at a single product level

-       In addition, information is collected on a regular customer who receives our newsletter regarding the managing of the newsletter order and other matters associated with customer information.


5. Data source


The personal information associated with the customer is collected from the person him/herself through the Gugguu website, e-mail, events and photoshoots.


6. Cookies


A cookie is a short piece of text or a file that the website sends to your browser. It helps the website to remember information about your visit such as the language you chose and other settings. Cookies make your next visit easier and make the website more useful to you. Cookies have an important role regarding content.

Gugguu Oy uses a system which uses cookies. With the help of cookies, for example, we count the visitors to our pages, help them to be more efficient and develop them as well as saving your language choice.


7. Transferring personal information


Personal data may be transferred as applicable by law to affiliates of Gugguu Oy insofar as it is necessary for the assignment mandated by the customer.

While using contractors or third parties we ensure that processing personal information is carried out according to the data protection regulations. If we have to transfer data outside the EU, beyond its economic area, we ensure that the transfer receivers comply with the data protection act.


8. Storing the register and the principles of protection


The register is stored electronically and properly protected from outsiders using firewalls, passwords and other technical means of protection normally approved in the data protection industry. Only identified employees of the register holder or employees working for companies working for the register holder or an assignee for the register holder may have access to the personal information included in the register by means of a licence granted by the register holder.


9. The right to review, correct and prohibit


The customer has the right to review the information on her/him contained in the register. The request for review shall be sent in writing to the person managing the register on behalf of the register holder. The request for review may also be made in person at the address above. While making the request for review in person the customer must have ID with him/her. Gugguu Oy responds to customers’ review requests in writing.
If there are mistakes in the customer’s information, the customer may request that the mistakes are corrected. The customer has the right to prohibit the use of  his/her data for direct marketing or for marketing and opinion polls by notifying the register holder.


10. Changing the data protection statement


Gugguu reserves the right to change this data protection statement.



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