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gugguu Tuft, Cotton

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Tuft, Cotton

5,00 €

Black Black
SS19 Marmory SS19 Marmory
SS19 Aqua Mint SS19 Aqua Mint
SS19 Green Vine SS19 Green Vine
SS19 Cactus SS19 Cactus
SS19 Cherry SS19 Cherry
SS19 Pink Rose SS19 Pink Rose
SS19 Orchid SS19 Orchid
SS19 White Cream SS19 White Cream
SS19 Angel Falls SS19 Angel Falls
SS19 Tropical Peach SS19 Tropical Peach
SS18 Deep Blue SS18 Deep Blue
SS18 Sea Blue SS18 Sea Blue
SS18 Light Mint SS18 Light Mint
SS18 Violet SS18 Violet
SS18 Pink Cloud SS18 Pink Cloud
SS18 Soft Rose SS18 Soft Rose
SS18 White Grey SS18 White Grey
SS18 Light Lila SS18 Light Lila
SS17 Lime SS17 Lime
SS17 Water Blue SS17 Water Blue
SS17 Turquoise Blue SS17 Turquoise Blue
SS17 Bright rose SS17 Bright rose
SS17 Green SS17 Green
SS17 Sunny Yellow SS17 Sunny Yellow
SS17 White Sand SS17 White Sand
SS16 Petrol SS16 Petrol
SS16 Ice Mint SS16 Ice Mint
SS16 Peach SS16 Peach
SS16 Lemon SS16 Lemon
SS16 Whitecap SS16 Whitecap
SS15 Ice Blue SS15 Ice Blue
SS16 Nude SS16 Nude
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Spare tuft for cotton beanie. 100% Organic cotton.

Size selection:

Large: Scarf, Beanie with single tuft, Cap with single tuft

Medium: Double tuft beanie in size M-XXL, Double tuft cap

Small: Double tuft beanie in size 3XS-S

Unfortunately, if the desired color/size cannot be selected, it is no longer available.