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Wild Animals Collection

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Gugguu Wild Animals Collection 2019

The first drops of Gugguu AW19 is getting company - the new Wild animals- collection continues with the earthy colors and prints inspired by the Finnish forests. Alongside with the previous rich tones of oranges and browns, we are introducing stunning berry-tones and frosty blues - the color scheme is like from a fairytale! As we go to winter, the frostbitten lingonberries and light first snow on top of the last wild raspberries have been the inspiration behind this collection. 

Gugguu Wild Animals Collection vaaleanpunainen lasten mekko ja kukallinen lasten mekko.

You can now spot the bravest and the most beautiful wild life of the Finnish nature in different scenarios; the strong and powerful bears with their tiny cubs, wolves howling in the night and the wide-eyed deers surrounded by the wise owls of the woods. 

Lasten merinovillapipot kotimaiselta lastenvaatemerkiltä. Gugguu sininen lasten merinovillapipo karvatupsuilla.

The Wild Animals- collections includes college- and tricot products, a print collection and all of our classic merino wool accessories. 

The stunning college products have all been made with a brand new soft jersey knit material, that feels amazingly soft on the skin. The tricot collection includes a whopping two new designs: a long sleeved version of Rizi and a tricot version of the beloved Kaila shirt. Both of the new products are perfect to combine with the new printed leggings!

The collection has five colors...

  • Stormy Sea                  
  • Cloud Blue
  • Rhododendron
  • Rose Wine
  • Coral Blush

Gugguu Wild Animals Collection. Siniset, vaaleanpunaiset, vaaleansiniset ja fuksian väriset lastenvaatteet.

...and four prints.

  • Magic Forest
  • Sweet flowers
  • Nightfall
  • Honey Paw

Gugguu Wild Animals Collection printit. Lastenvaatteet metsäaiheisilla printeillä. Vaatteet lapsille eläinprinteillä.

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