Inspiration behind the AW19 collection


The Gugguu fall and winter collection 2019 is filled with earthy, rich colors that together with warmer, softer shades embody the essence of a forest during the most beautiful time of the autumnal season. This is where the inspiration for this collection has been drawn from: the colorful leaves and the foggy, crispy mornings. 


Frilla-dress in Sky Blue ja Print Frilladress in the print Fall Pampas.

The earthy colors remind the last moments of fall, when the nature gets prepared for the upcoming winter and spends the last moments in the glory of brightly colored red, orange and brown leaves and berries. These colors are well-matched with pine cone brown, the dark emerald green of moss and dark blue of the night sky. 

Go'on Bomber // Print Flow skirt // Cube Baggy

Unisex body 62-74 cm // Unisex body 80-86 cm 

The beautiful prints pair with the colors perfectly and they match together in many possible ways. The print collection has been strongly inspired by nature in all of it's beauty - Pampasgrass, owls and foggy landscapes paint a beautiful picture of the fall season. You can find the rich prints in many color schemes, all the way from the soft Harvest Vibes to the darker scenery of Night Forest.

Go'On Bomber in Sky Blue // Print Flow skirt in Fall Pampas

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